Man and Islam: “The free man and freedom of man” By: Dr. Ali Shariati, – Ladies and Gentlemen: Tonight, as long as time permits, I would like to. Ali Shariati Mazinani was an Iranian revolutionary and sociologist who focused on the . The civilized man could talk on himself more that universe and the new . Ali Khamenei knew Shariati as a pioneer of Islamic teaching according to the. Man and Islam by Ali Shariati, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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On the Sociology of Islam: Lectures by Ali Shariati

Another issue is the woman who is believed to have been created from Adam’s rib. It signifies the aimless direction of technology and the ideal-less civilization. He was released after a few weeks, at which point he began teaching at the University of Mashhad.

He is buried next to Sayyidah Zaynabthe granddaughter of the Islamic prophet Muhammadand the daughter of Aliin Damascus, Syria, where Iranian pilgrims often visit. He was born in ehariati Kahak a village in Mazinana suburb of Sabzevar, found in northeastern Iran, to a family of clerics. Shari’ati wa In preparing the way for the unparalleled surge of Islamic revival in Iran, many factors have been at work.

Contrary to all the past philosophies, male and female are of the same nature, and were created simultaneously by God. And no plant has ever committed suicide due to grief or has done adn great service.

At the same time, he was exposed to many aspects of Western philosophical and political thought. God, being the greatest and most exalting from a faithful Muslim point of view, addresses the angels to introduce His vicegerent. According to Shariati, Because Karl Marx knows the economy as the beneath and foundation of human and society he has gone strayed. Thus, unlike former religions, the duality in Islam consists of worshiping two deities which exist in the constitution of man rather than in nature.


Thus, the story of Adam’s creation was told in symbolic language so that now, after fourteen centuries in the midst of scientific progress in all areas, it remains worthy of study. Retrieved 11 December He added that Imam has to guide people not according to his desire like dictator but to Islamic ideology and authentic values.

Want to Read saving…. Joel Trono-Doerksen rated it it was amazing Feb 22, Names are symbols for things; that is, the specific an of islaam concepts.

Shariati developed fully novice approach to Shi’ism and interpreted the religion in a revolutionary manner. Books by Ali Shariati. Nature has a single deity and is under the dominance of only one God.

To see what your friends thought anr this book, please sign up. Retrieved 1 August Further, he is free to behave irrationally, to be bad or good, to be mudlike or Divine. Scott, Pieces of the Game: Unlike other religions in which God and Satan are in a state of constant war in nature, in Islam there is only one power in nature-the Divine Power.

Sebab bagi saya, daftar pustaka merupakan sebuah jejak akademik, sehingga ketika saya bilang, “dalam pandangan si anu. Even the Post-Renaissance European humanism has not been able to bestow such an exalting sanctity upon man.

Dr. Ali Shariati: Man and Islam: “The free man and freedom of man”

This is what Islam is all about. In contrary, there is no making in politic. Not only are all men equal, they are brothers. He also known very well of the importance of empirical science and knowledge. Thus, he is a trustee in the universe. He has delivered himself from all the forms of compulsion that constantly press down upon man and impose their stereotypes on him by means of science, technology, sociology and self- awareness, through faith and awareness.

In the last lecture, Shari’ati addresses the question, “If we believe we a true free-thinking intellectuals, what must be our relationship with the society and what path should we follow? This is indicative of the fact that man possesses another virtue; that is, his acceptance of a trust that everyone else refused.


Sebagimana yang ia yakini bahwa agama Islam penuh dengan bahasa2 simbolik untuk dapat menembus sekat2 zaman, ia mencoba memberikan penafsiran2 qur’an melalui pendekatan sosiologi sejarah kontemporer.

Thus, with this providential address the mission of man on earth is clarified. Inhe continued studying sociology and history of religionsand followed the courses of Islamic scholar Louis MassignonJacques Berque and the sociologist Georges Gurvitch.

Man and Islam

The second stage islsm with the emergence of private ownership. Mazen rated it liked it Jul 05, Thus man’s significance and grandeur lie in the fact that he possesses two poles mud and the spirit of the Lord. Is it possible to realize man’s position from the quality of his creation narrated in the Qur’an or the sayings of prophet Mohammad PBUH? Shariati known the theoretical foundation of west as civilization and called its appearances as Tajadod. Aley rated it really liked it Jan 14, This is why in European literature symbol- ism is the finest style.

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He was arrested in Paris on 17 January during aand demonstration in honour of Patrice Lumumba. These lectures were hugely popular among his students and were spread by word of mouth throughout all economic sectors of society, including the middle and upper classes, where interest in his teachings began to grow immensely.

Also he denied consensus as a source for understang religion. And so, a language which is selected for a religion must be multi layered an multi-dimensional so that each generation can decipher one layer and each group can understand one dimension at a time.

The first period is collective ownership. No trivia or quizzes yet. Both desired of Islamic cultural dominance.