En las últimas décadas el abuso sexual infantil (ASI) ha suscitado un gran interés, tanto entre la comunidad científica, como en la sociedad en general, debido a. intervienen en el enfrentamiento del abuso sexual infantil. Maltrato Infantil en Preadolescentes Instituto Superior de. Ciencias Médicas de La. Define Filial cruelty. Filial cruelty synonyms, Filial cruelty pronunciation, Filial cruelty translation, English dictionary definition of Filial cruelty. n physical, sexual, .

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Consecuencias del abuso sexual infantil: Child sexual abuse consequences: Over the malteato few decade child sexual abuse CSA have provoked a great deal of interest, both among the malyrato community and the society, due to its prevalence and short and long term consequences. Maltrayo most of the studies examining CSA sequelae list numerous psychological, social, behavioral and physical difficulties, certainly not every child abuse survivor shows a significant harm thereafter, existing a great variability on the survrvor’s adjustment.

In light of this diversity the present work, after review the short and long term consequences of CSA, attempt to discern which are the main variables that determine the effects of the abuse on the survivors.

Characteristics of the abuse, survivor and perpetrator, situational factors and, specially, survivor’s cognitive variables have been proved as efficient in order to explain the symptomatology severity.

Specifically, studies have found that replacing avoidance coping strategies by approaching ones, eliminating selfblame and family blame attributions and the four traumagenic dynamics feelings, as well as promoting a secure attachment style would have a positive impact in order to prevent future problems caused by the experience of abuse.

Child sexual abuse; consequences; intervening variables; abuse characteristics; situational factors; cognitive variables. Todos los autores de revisiones p.

Los problemas externalizantes p.

Filipas y Ullmanpor ejemplo, en infanitl muestra de estudiantes universitarias, encontraron que un Factores intervinientes en los efectos del abuso sexual infantil. Recientemente, Sheffield et al. Las estrategias de filetyle son definidas como “esfuerzos cognitivos y conductuales constantemente cambiantes para hacer frente a demandas internas o externas” Lazarus, Por otra parte, las estrategias aproximativas e.

Estas representaciones influencian las emociones, expectativas y comportamientos en todas sus relaciones interpersonales futuras.


Consecuencias del abuso sexual infantil: una revisión de las variables intervinientes

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Contribution of attachment security to the prediction of internalizing and externalizing behavior problems in preschoolers victims of sexual abuse.

Research participants telling the truth about their lives.

En 26% se incrementó cifra de feminicidios en el Perú respecto al periodo anterior

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