Back Issues|Kateigaho International Japan Edition is a magazine featuring. Information|Kateigaho International Japan Edition is a magazine featuring. Back Issue. KATEIGAHO INTERNATIONAL Japan EDITION Autumn.

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The inaugural issue was published in It retails in Japan for about yen an issue. The focus of each book is an aspect of Japan’s arts and culture, often of interest to those who collect or wear kimono, tea ceremony, or appreciate other aspects of the culture.

The photographs are high quality and the articles are detailed and well written. Several issues have images of geisha or maiko on the cover and cover aspects of their culture.

Back Issue

Visit our Facebook page showcasing large variety of vintage Japanese ephemera scans across various topics. Page Discussion View source History.


Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Retrieved from ” http: Pages with broken file links. Forums Join us for in-depths discussion about kimono and traditional Japanese culture on the Immortal Geisha Forums. Vintage Japanese Ephemera Visit our Facebook itnernational showcasing large kateigahk of vintage Japanese ephemera scans across various topics. Facebook Join us for daily chats about kimono, geisha and traditional culture on Facebook.

How to Contribute Contact us. KIE Inaugural Issue.

Spring / Summer Okinawa’s Edible Delights|Kateigaho International Japan Edition

KIE Autumn Issue, vol 1. KIE Winter Issue, vol 2. KIE Spring Issue, vol 3. KIE Summer Issue, vol 4.

Autumn / Winter Catch Nagoya!|Kateigaho International Japan Edition

Kimono Chic for Meninterview with Komei Motoji. KIE Autumn Issue, vol 5. Tea Ceremony and the Roots of Green Tea.

KIE Winter Issue, vol 6. KIE Spring Issue, kateigah 7. KIE Summer Issue, vol 8. KIE Autumn Issue, vol 9. KIE Winter Issue, vol KIE Spring Issue, vol KIE Summer Issue, vol KIE Autumn Issue, vol KIE Fall Issue, vol