In his famous “I am an African,” speech, which he delivered at the adoption of the The Republic of South Africa Constitution Bill in , Thabo Mbeki seeks to. Thabo Mbeki’s I Am An African speech was echoed in night vigils, In poetry and history, former president Mbeki dared to tell Africans that we. Nope, it’s not former South African’s president Thabo Mbeki’s most memorable speech. It is in actuality the beginning of an iconic speech in.

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#APoemADay: ‘I Am An African’ – Thabo Mbeki | Word N Sound Live Literature Movement

Perhaps the worst among these, who are my people, are those who have learnt to kill for a wage. The African people, although not a strictly homogeneous race, possess a common fundamental sentiment which is everywhere manifest, crystallizing itself into one common controlling idea.

Kingdom of Mapungubwe c.

I have seen what happens when one person has superiority of force over another, when the stronger appropriate to themselves the prerogative even to annul the injunction that God created all men and women in His image. Whatever the difficulties, Africa shall be at peace! Her Congo and her Gambia whitened with commerce, her crowded cities sending forth the hum of business, and all her sons aj in advancing the victories of peace-greater and more abiding than the spoils of war.

Languages Afrikaans Edit links. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here More particularly, it resembles a plant, it takes root in the teeming earth, and when the seeds fall in other soils new varieties sprout up. This article needs additional citations for verification.

I make this request not from any fear that such comparison might bring humiliation upon Africa. Political history of South Africa. Conflicts and strife are rapidly disappearing before the fusing sn of this enlightened perception of the true intertribal relation, which relation should subsist among a people with a common destiny.


In my veins courses the blood of the Malay slaves who came from the East. You are commenting using your Facebook account. They are available for hire when husband wants to murder wife and wife, husband.

I Am an African

Civilization resembles an organic being in its development-it is born, it perishes, and it can propagate itself. The dramatic shapes of the Drakensberg, the soil-coloured waters of the Lekoa, iGqili noThukela, and the sands of the Kgalagadi, have all been panels of the tyabo on the natural stage on which we act out the foolish deeds of the theatre of the day. Man knows his home now in a sense never known before. All the glory of Egypt belongs to Africa and her people.

“I am an African” by Thabo Mbeki, South African President. | The African Way

He will tell of a race whose onward tide was often swelled with tears, but in whose heart bondage has not quenched the fire of former years. The speech defined the political mood of the moment in post-Apartheid South Africa [ citation needed ] and enhanced Mbeki’s reputation as a political orator, in which respect he has been likened to Martin Luther King Jr.

He has refused to camp forever on the borders of the industrial world; having learned that knowledge is power, he is educating his children. This influence constitutes the very essence of efficient progress and of civilization. No afrucan possessing the inherent capacity to survive can resist and remain unaffected by this influence of poeem and intercourse, the backward with the advanced. I am of a nation that would not allow that fear of death, of torture, of imprisonment, of exile or persecution should result in the perpetuation of injustice.


The basic factor which assures their regeneration resides in the awakened race-consciousness. He is a mystery through all ages and for all time.

The Constitution whose adoption we celebrate constitutes pkem unequivocal statement that we refuse to accept that thaboo African-ness shall be defined by our race, our colour, our gender or our historical origins.

“I am an African” by Thabo Mbeki, South African President.

The grandeur of its venerable ruins and the gigantic proportions of its architecture reduce to insignificance the boasted monuments of other nations. The giant is awakening! They kill slowly or quickly in order to make profits from the illegal trade in narcotics.

An attempt to compare them on the basis of equality can never be finally satisfactory. These monuments are the indestructible memorials thhabo their great and original genius. Calhoun, I believe, was the most philosophical of all the slaveholders. In such ruins Africa is like the golden sun, that, having sunk beneath the western horizon, still plays upon the world which he sustained and enlightened in his career.

My mind and my knowledge of myself is formed by the victories that are the jewels in our African crown, the victories we earned from Isandhlwana to Khartoum, as Ethiopians and as Ashanti of Ghana, as Berbers of the desert. I have seen the destruction of all sense of self-esteem, the consequent striving to be what one is not, simply to acquire some of the benefits which those who had imposed themselves as masters had ensured that they enjoy.