The Shield of Heracles has 67 ratings and 6 reviews. Vivian said: Lovely battle scene with Herakles and Iolaus versus Ares and Cycnus. Brothers against f. The Shield of Heracles and the legend of Cycnus – Volume 36 Issue 1 – R. 35 ‘ Hesiod’s “Shield of Herakles”: its structure and workmanship’. This short epic poem was attributed to Hesiod, a poet from Ascra and a Upon seeing Heracles, the poet of the Shield tells us that he wants to.

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Upon seeing his son killed in battle, Ares becomes enraged and goes berserk to where the goddess Athena has to tell him to stop, and we as readers feel sorry for Ares, who, despite being one of the heracls of the poem, has just watched his son being killed with a spear thrust through the throat.

The Shield of Heracles

His rage, though brutal, is entirely sympathetic to us. Entracte rated it did not like it Nov 05, He was flying swift as thought. The whole town was filled with mirth and dance and festivity. View a map of the most frequently mentioned places in this document.

But it ends with a nice bang: Also there was a wide cornland and some men were reaping with sharp hooks the stalks which bended with the weight of the cars — as if they were reaping Demeter’s grain: Enter a Perseus citation to go to another section or work. The Shield of Heracles by Hesiod. But come, put on your arms of war that with all speed we may bring the car of Ares and our own together and fight; for he shall not frighten the dauntless son of Zeus, nor yet the son of Iphiclus: The round shield’s “whole orb shimmered with enamel and white ivory and electrum, and it glowed with shining gold; and there were zones of cyanus drawn upon it.


So in one night Zeus shared the bed and love of the neat-ankled daughter of Electyron and fulfilled his desire; and in the same night Amphitryon, gatherer of the people, the glorious hero, came to his house when he had ended his great task. Hesiod, Shield of Heracles.

And these maidens went before, delighting in the festival; and after them came frolicsome choirs, the youths singing soft-mouthed to the sound of shrill pipes, while the echo was shivered around them, and the girls led on the lovely dance to the sound of lyres. Want to Read saving…. Though Achilles’ shield has nothing about it that might mar its function, the shield of Heracles is a tour de force of high relief: Click anywhere in the line to jump to another position: But Anaurus, swelled by a rain-storm, blotted out the grave and memorial of Cycnus; for so Apollo, Leto’s son, commanded him, because he used to watch for and violently despoil the rich hecatombs sshield any might bring to Pytho.

Even so, the son of Amphitryon, unsated of battle, stood eagerly face to face with Ares, nursing courage in his hea Lovely battle scene with Herakles and Iolaus versus Ares and Cycnus.

In the centre was Fear hesioe in adamant, unspeakable, staring backwards with eyes that glowed with fire. I am not sure what to think about it. And she so honoured her husband in her heart as none of womankind did before her. And he feared their anger, and hastened to perform herqcles great task to which Zeus had bound him. The Labours of Hercules Hercules and the Wagoner.


The other poem attributed to Hesiod, the father of Greek didactic poetry, probably flourished during the 8th century BC.

Matt S rated it liked it Jul 05, Why, pray, do you set your swift horses at us, men who are tried in labour and pain? Daiana Mavlea rated it it was amazing Jun 14, The other poem attributed to Hesiod or his school which has come down in great part to modern times is The Theogonya work of grander scope, inspired alike by older traditions and abundant local associations.

This text is part of: And some held yesiod hooks and were gathering the vintage, while others were taking from the reapers into baskets white and black clusters from the long rows of vines which were heavy with leaves and tendrils of silver.

HESIOD, SHIELD OF HERACLES – Theoi Classical Texts Library

Download Pleiades ancient places geospacial dataset for this text. Return to Book Page. The Iliad gives enough detail for its hearers to marvel at Hephaestus ‘ workmanship. Bruno Oliveira rated it it was amazing Mar 15, And all night long he lay with his modest wife, delighting in the gifts of golden Shieod. He hastened not to go to his bondmen and shepherds afield, but first went in unto his wife: And beneath them fishes or bronze were trembling.

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