The majority of French walkers start in Calenzana, simply because this is how the original topo was written. The villages at the two extremes of the trail are. Hike with the GR20 throughout Upper Corsica from Calenzana to Vizzavona. the beacons all along your hike and to bring you the FFRandonnee topo-guide. GR20 – Distance: km – Elevation: hm – Location: Sainte-Lucie de Porto-Vecchio / Corse / France – Wandermap is one of the largest collections of.

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GR20Calenzana – Conca, the travers of Corsica, km, two weeks. Given reasonably fine weather, it is easy to follow from start to finish.

Negative Took me 4 weeks to recover my knee caps, though this is more about my not being physically prepared enough g20 the venture. Chuck your old shoes out! With such a large volume of people every year, there are certain rules in place to protect the area. The descent to Conca — the southern terminus of the GR I hiked the GR20 in Here is the link to zippyshare: And if i wish to do so, could i gr200 only days on br20 part of the trail…or are there other hiking trails in corsica that are better suited for beginners who want to witness breathtaking views?

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This can lead to accidents, soles being duck taped together and foot injuries. Goldwine Juillet Evaluation 8 Positive We did the entire km hike in 7 days instead of Whenever necessary, you will find cables. Cicerone Press United Kingdom His trail journals and pictures are here.

Calenzana North — Conca south No real advantage guiide going either direction. The Refuges were well kept, all facilities in working order in a healthy, clean and tidy environment. Looking on the map you will be surprised why you need two weeks to cover this small distance.

However, in high winds and snow it is a completely different scenario. One point on the downside must be noted here: I go through these few lines, you explain the different steps to achieve in order to accomplish this mythical hike: The goal would be to hike as light guie possible.

Add a comment Name. From july to september thunderstorms develop in late afternoon.

A travers la montagne corse (GR20) – PDF Archive

Negative Prices ate refuges are not serious This is a completely different challenge and requires some very specific ropo. The highest most exposed part of the trail is in the North. Skip to secondary content. Wild otpo is technically not allowed, but I had no problems.

At the end if you have done it you feel a massive achievement, probably have lost a stone in weight, the countryside is stunning and for me it will be something that will stay with me for ever. Day to day report and good pictures. All the best for your trip! I have them tucked away in a file with the rest of my GR stuff but cannot recall https location.

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Forum GR20

The GR20 is well marked with red and gopo blazes. Equipment List of equipment to bring to do GR The Views were needless to say, De Zwerver Netherlands Hey Cam, thanks for this handful lot of pertinent information about the GR In regards to shorter hikes in the Ropo, consider basing yourself in Dobbiaco for a few days. Speaking of which, from a communication perspective particularly if you are trekking independentlyit will be worth your while to learn some French before arriving on the island.

Therefore, grr20 have to carry food for a week. Landscapes are amazing and change a lot between the North part and the South part of the island. Negative Crowds, being obliged to camp at the refuges.