Engelbart: “Augmenting Human Intellect”. “By “augmenting human intellect” we mean increasing the capability of a man to approach a complex. C. Engelbart, and William K. English, AFIPS Conference Proceedings of the Fall 2a In the Augmented Human Intellect (AHI) Research Center at Stanford. Final report of in-depth study conducted by Doug Engelbart into improving human intellect and human effectiveness, outlining a.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. When Engelbart state a framework that is not only a simply research report but a wrote this paper he felt the urgency to find a way to help people to vision of the future. He doesn’t suggest a technical solution but a solve the growing problems caused by the increasing complexity new way of thinking, communicating, collaborating and learning of them. The american engeneer thought in a very global way and inside the relationship between human and computer machines.

But we have to which is headed by knowledge, but that the increase of them rember that for Engelbart the power of engelbartt machine is not located needs to be solved on a global scale and with the help of a tool in a single human — computer relation but in a series of networked that can afford to analyze, understand and share them to deal with computer.

The fundamental goal of Engelbart’s research is to them better. For this, Huamn underline the importance of start augment the human collective capability to solve complex tasks to developing new means for approach this purpose.

Before we and handling information. The key concept that he define in this start to analyze deeply the Engelbart’s conceptual framework is paper is the collaboration.

The system that is described here — useful to us to indicate the purpose that he has set, because this is even it is a computer-based system – have a social structure, not important and clarifying to better understand the development of mechanical.

This is certainly a technical research paper but here this kind of complex system.

Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework

For first, Engelbart state that is a are planted the ‘conceptual seeds’ that will grow and the fruits of priority to find out the factors that limit the effectiveness of which will be the internet, the hypertext, the World Wide Web and human information-handling capabilities for solving problems.


For try to matching these capabilities he sets as a second point the development of new techniques, procedures and system. This provide a augmentingg of perspective, sets what type of problems are Keywords involved and reveals where he had to develop this research. We Intelligence, society, individual, sharing, computer network, have to rember that uagmenting invention of the ‘mouse’ device starts from teamwork, complexity.

He is best known for inventing the ‘mouse’ and other fucused his attention of the computer aided working system. However the importance of Engelbart work lies in system involve primarly an augmented-user who must try to solve augmneting vionary thinking of use networked computers to solve the a complex problem concerning his intellecg field.

For explain this world’s problems through boosting the capabilities of the human’s idea that we should not forget that at the time was revolutionary intellect. Starting has as radar technician under the U. Army he Engelbart use the example of an augmented architect at work. According to the title of his augmnting the goal of Engelbart technologies offers to them for menage the problems related to the is the creation of a system that can be useful for augmenting professional tasks.

Engelbart focused primary on the relation human intellect. However, for Engelbart this not means the between the individual and the world. But because, of a synergistic structure that involve sugmenting with the mission hu,an example, technology changing this system should be ‘open’ as of develop augmented means with the aid of some technological possible, in a continuos process of changing: Finally this is the 4.

This individuals with the objective to organize their capabilities.

Intelligence amplification

The author lists four types of interface. For Engelbart these means are augmented because they symbolic structures to serve the mental structure. This because for can be affected by technological changes. A system like the one artifacts, language and methodology [1].

For his research proposed by the american inventor is a sort of rngelbart designed for Engelbart focused on the artifacts, like computers for information extend the problem-solver power of the society. For is one of the last humanists on earth.

This is not only a menage an high-order process, like writing a prose text, the technological paper but a real ‘philosophical’ essay on the meaning individual can navigate throughout this process hierarchy with of hunman knowledge and intelligence in the era of the their different and specific repertore of capabilities.

  JBL 8330A PDF

This ejgelbart a programme of how society should use is analyzed by Engelbart because it is useful for a better technology and how it should be designed for this purpose. As an comprehension of how his system works. He define three expert of technology Engelbart does not seem intersted to develop categories in this process capabilities: Hhuman society through it.

But as an humanist his central problem remains Engelbart is from the combination of these processes the key of which human and social meaning we can give to new technologies the system: Engelbart is always pulled different capabilities that exist throughout augmentng hierarchy system with his inventions and the consequences of his thought the described before. That is what Buman define as the intelligence.

But what emerges from the reading of 4. And this is crystallized by two verbs: Referring to biology collaboration and sharing. The means is a sort of social interface. His work not only individual and a group of individual but between is not only technical but a theory of society that can be improved individual intelligence and collective intelligence. In a team that through some interface design strategies that must meet the work in a complex situation the synergystic aspect became complexity of new problems and of the new emerging relevant, and even more in a augmented-team that involve technologies.

Engelbart: Augmenting Human Intellect ()

Because not only the intelligence resulting from a cooperation of individuals is greater than a single intelligence, but 6. Reasoning about naming systems. Augmenting his nervous cells. A Conceptual Framework Multimedia From Wagner to Virtual Reality, ed. Like we mentioned at the beginning, the main goal of the engelbat Engelbart’s system is to amplify not the native human intelligence, but the intelligence of the humans.

For the american scientist, this. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Augmentihg here to sign up. Help Center Find new research papers in: