“If you already have comics in a digital format, Comic Zeal is simply the best way to read them on your iPad.” Comic Zeal is currently the best. Quick Look: Comic Zeal 8 for iPad | iPad Insight

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Do you want the most features? Comic Zeal 9 has them both. Put series inside comidzeal, use dividers to manage long lists. You can push stuff into it, then go anywhere in your collection and drag it out. It’s an incredibly fast way to organize your comics.

With the slider you can: Dividers are lists that can hold comics, series and even other dividers. You can rename comkczeal, sort a series or mark items as read or unread. Comic Comiczsal will lock that zoom and position when you turn the page, it’s a great way to hide borders. Comics used in the screenshots: You can read more about it here: You can open Comics from the Google Drive app itself using the ‘Open in One big change in this update and some bug fixes: Comics are imported super quick now, can you let me know if you need some kind of download queue display?

Just imported a bunch of comics and they just show up black. I unzipped them, and the image files are. The app support page is closed. Maybe this app is on its way out? Simply put, this app is amazing, looks and feels so smooth, sorting and organising is a breeze and the wireless transfer is so easy and fast!

Quick Look: Comic Zeal 8 for iPad

Do yourself a favour and get Comic Zeal! I wish I was able to give a zero star rating but a one comidzeal have to do. I hate this app. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description Do you want the most features? I’ve added support for more formats of both comics and image files.

I’ve also increased the speed of imports A LOT! The next update will take a bit longer than they have recently, the Apple World Wide Developers’s Conference will be taking up my time followed by a short holiday with Mrs. Bitolithic and the little bitos. Talk to you all soon! I’m trying something a little different with Comic Zeal now. My aim is to get you lots of quick updates and fixes instead of going for big releases every once in a while.

It’s the way I like to work, I like quick feedback, but in the past it hasn’t been possible because Apple took up to a week to review apps, so any changes would take a while to go up, but more importantly it meant that if anything went wrong with an update it took a week to get a fix out. Two weeks if App Review found something wrong. So it really discouraged developers from making small changes.

My beta testers for Comic Zeal are great but they are volunteers and don’t go into every nook and cranny. New features are tested well, but it’s very difficult to go back and test everything in an app, human nature is to focus just on what has changed. Now Apple is reviewing apps much more quickly so I can get updates out more often, if something goes wrong I can fix it quickly too.

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It will also mean that I can make big changes one small step at a time, slowly adding improvements that may not be complete and getting your impressions on where I’m heading. I like that too. So please give this new version a try, I’d love to hear back from you, you can reach me on twitter at bitolithic.

Ok, so after all that what has actually changed? Fixed issue where on iPhones, if the user was reading a manga, and the last page was in landscape format then the last page would disappear magic?! Which meant you didn’t get to see the ending Also fixed some crashing bugs. If you are upgrading from Comic Zeal version 8 please select ‘restore purchases’ to get access to all the older themes.

Hi all, First of all let me say sorry for the low quality of the initial 9. There were a lot of huge changes and it was difficult to test. Nevertheless, the app should not have gone out with so many problems, if I had known about them I never would have released it. Does it remember where in a comic I am? Quit the app, re-start it, shows the same spot, it works! The app DOES remember where in the comic you are, it saves it perfectly.

But if you are reading a comic with more than 50 pages there is an optimization that, a second or two after you open the comic, causes the reading view to re-layout the pages.

That re-layout made comics scroll all the way to the start again.

They comiczexl for the exact opposite reasons. A lot of you have expressed concerns about Comic Zeal asking you to log into your iTunes account the first time you start it. If you bought Comic Zeal prior to the release of version 9 you continue to get access to all the older themes, if you buy it comiczezl you have to pay a little extra to get all the themes.

Earlier versions of CZ never cared about when you bought it, this one does. It has to know if it should show you all the themes or not. To do that it asks the iPad to fetch a file that contains the version number of the first CZ you bought, most of the time the comicezal then asks you to log in to your iTunes account to make sure CZ is not trying to do anything funny. The login prompt is there to protect you and it comes from iOS, not Comic Zeal. Next time they open the reading view their setting comicaeal be remembered.

5 Best Comic Zeal Alternatives | Reviews | Pros & Cons –

I hope you all like this update. Hi all, welcome to Comic Zeal 9! I have some big changes for you in this version, I hope you like it. Comic Zeal has always been ahead of everyone else in comic organization, now with Comic Finders it’s even easier to keep track of your reading. Comic Finders search your collection for unread comics. They are similar to dividers, but when you expand them they contain nothing but unread comics.


From the top page of your collection you can see unread comics from everywhere. Comic finders ioad what they show you by using tags. You can limit their scope to just the comiczela series or divider. Comic Finders are available as an In-App Purchase. CZ 9 has three new, lightly colored themes as well as tweaked versions of the old ones. Themes are now an In-App Purchase but existing customers will continue to have access to all the earlier themes.

Please remember to leave a good review if you like the new features. Hi all, as always, as soon as vomiczeal app goes out to you all, you find bugs that the beta testers and I missed! Here is what’s fixed in this update: Please note, kpad Box app does not allow other apps to access its document sharing extension unless you have an enterprise level account with them. Hi all, welcome to Comic Zeal 8! I have a lot of changes for you in this version, I hope you like it.

Much improved import options! You can now use any of these to import comics: You can still use Comic Zeal Sync if you want to resize comics into cbi files. Comic Zeal will accept those from any of the import methods mentioned above. If you have a Mac running Yosemite give Air Drop a go! The tutorial now has much better video help too.

Five of them, and they rhyme. The full list of changes is: I ipav hope you like all of it! Hi all, a lot of you thought there was too much white space in the list view.

In this version I’ve reduced the whitespace and added a comic page count indicator. A little note about the behaviour of this indicator. The first dot upad filled in as soon as you start reading the comic, the last dot is not filled in until you have finished the comic.

To refresh your memory, if this option is turned on, whenever a comic is imported Comic Zeal tries to find the comiczea of a series in the comic’s name. If comczeal finds a match it then puts the comic in that series. The old version used to fail if there was a lot of punctuation in either name, specially if instead ipadd spaces underscores or hyphens were used. This new version removes all punctuation and spaces before trying to do the match.

It yields much better results. Hi all, this is a quick update to fix a couple of critical bugs in the previous version. There was an issue a lot of you experienced when upgrading to CZ 6 and I’d like to explain what happened.