In this case, it’s Chthonian Stars, a Cthulhu Mythos (big surprise) game using the Traveller license. (Notably little relation to hypothetical. Could someone give me a run down on the mechanical differences between Wildfire’s In house mechanics for The Void vs Chthonian Stars. Chthonian Stars (Traveller) [Matthew Grau, Frazer Mckay, Robert Glass, Christopher Dorn, Michael Vaillancourt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying.

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Chthonian Stars is the game of Lovecraftian entities and other strangeness rising up, while humanity is still exploring its own galaxy. I supported because… “Role playing games have always been an outlet for my imagination.

I understand that the Wildfire crew have day jobs, but the book is done and although the following is “niche,” it seems well received by that small group. Notify me of new comments via email. Also planned is a three book epic story arc campaign series and a book of pre-generated adventures.

Chthonian planet – Wikipedia

I can see that becoming an awesome series, with each book recapping the last few decades of exploration and warfare, so that the different eras have different play styles, themes, tech levels, etc. I think it would have proved to be a popular offshoot! Discoveries of exoplanets Search projects.

Both of these critters are the work of Tom Garden. Matt kindly forwarded some images of those horrors and the art is quite impressive. From Wikipedia, chfhonian free encyclopedia. But it looks like chthonizn is just for Savage Worlds.


My question though is the printing quality. Both are planned, but do not have confirmed release dates yet. Sorry, fhthonian blog cannot share posts by email. My game is on Obsidian Portal, and is called Black Night.

It looks like this was done on purpose by the art director and not by the printing press.

I guess the interest in Chthonian Stars is limited to a very small group. I cgthonian they might be concerned it would impact the future release of “The Void” as a stand alone product For the most part, these are all really good, but the section is short. I guess it’s time to give up on Wildfire for good. It seems like a good addition to my Traveller library.

This page does not exist. With the significant product delays, and indications that this will be the only Traveller based resource for the game, I’m glad anyone responded at all. The list of Mythos entities is good, covering most of the traditional foes, but even with some new monsters the list is rather uniform compared to CthulhuTech or CoC mostly bipeds or worm-like things that you hit with guns until they fall down. This setting, and world, is awesome: Lifepath Character Generation Character starts at birth.

Something approaches, a thing on an orbit from far away.

First Look: Chthonian Stars from Wildfire–Cthulhu Meets Traveller

From the Publisher’s Website: As the Mongoose Syars edition was mostly complete, they put it on the market in. It is a part of the natural cycle of things, on its eon-long orbit.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Exoplanet Methods of detecting exoplanets Planetary system. You are commenting using your WordPress. It is a thing that has been traveling through the universe on its oblique trajectory for millions, if not billions, of years.

Notify me of new posts via email. Horror Cthulhu Mythos Science Fiction. The chapter ends with two high points: Transit-timing variation measurements indicate for example that KeplerbKeplerc and Keplerb have maximum-masses between 30 and times the mass of Earth although the actual masses could be much lower ; with radii about 2 Earth radiithey might have densities larger than that of an iron planet of the same size. In other words, books that sgars a high crunch: Continuing our series of previews, we take a look at the UWC Wardens.

HD b is an example of a gas giant that is in the process of having its atmosphere stripped away, though it will not become a chthonian planet for many billions of years, if ever.