CASIO’s BASELWORLD special site TOP page. CASIO’s development philiosophy is ‘CASIO CONNECTED’. ABSOLUTE TOUGHNESS” – G-SHOCK Official Website. June 20, Casio Announces Death of Chairman and CEO Kazuo Kashio. January 10, Casio to Release Second New Smart Outdoor Watch with GPS .

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Catalog (PDF)

First l would like to say. I was very surprised how nice the green orologii looks Great. My brother looked at it on my arm and didn’t think it was green. I had to show it to him outside and then he noticed it. That is what l like about the watch. I was afraid it was going to be to bright of a green.

The color looks great.

First Let me tell you cataolgo I am a Gshock collector. I have 35 catallogo watches. I have been wearing gshocks for almost 34 years since the first one came out in I have 3 of the Rescue Series. I have gw er. I have the Dw Gshock. I have the Rangeman gshock which is a great watch.

I have the Gsteel smoke dial gshock. I have the gwm gshock. I also have 5 Casio Protrek watches.

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I Love all gshocks Big or small. I have a 7 inch wrist size. The watch fits great on any size wrist. What l like about the Rescue series Gshock watches. They have plast wings inside the band to keep the watch from moving around on your Wrist. The watch is big but not to big. I recommend this to anyone who wants a Durable watch at a great price.


The watch is battery power. But has a very long life. It uses a cr lithium battery that can last 5 to 7 years. Just don’t use the back light alot. And it will save battery life. Good luck on any Gshock you buy. This is a great watch. Rememberthe best watch is the one on your Wrist. I bought my first G-shock in For the next 30 years I have bought the same brand.

Most of them l replaced after breaking the watch band or when the battery finally died. All of them gave me at least 5 years of service. I repaired ships during my navy career so I put these watches through hell.

Not one of them ever broke or failed due to being submerged in water or taking a pounding from numerous impacts.

I had one survive having the face slightly melted from welding. It still kept time and maintained its watertight integrity. With this watch I like the dark green color and the rugged construction. With the proper time setting, the moon and tide indicators are accurate.

I like the addition of the “fins” on wrist band. It gives the watch a nice fit on my wrist. The backlight, as always, has a nice large button to activate and the numbers are easy to read which is important for my old eyes. I can’t imagine owning another kind of watch.

If you want a durable and functional watch, get this one. Rugged watch, with cool features, all work properly. This is one of two watches I own, the other a Seiko titanium chronograph.

The Seiko keeps epic good time japan movement I believewhich I synchronize to the exact second using my cellphone time. Maybe 1 second slow per every daylight savings change. This G-Shock is also pretty good, but about a minute fast every month, which seems like a lot to me with my only reference being the Seiko. On the other hand, I never have to worry about changing the date because it is auto-programmed into the watch. This watch is noticeably bigger than the Seiko, but doesn’t feel or wear like it, because it is light weight and I believe the black wings underneath make a big difference.

I always seem to bang the Seiko on door ways, desks, railings, etc. This one, which I wear for more rugged activity, hasn’t gotten hardly any abuse for the months I’ve had it! Either way, even though the Seiko is sporty and waterproof, I just feel more comfortable taking this one on a camping trip, fishing, swimming, etc.


Orologio – – Casio – GDR: Casio: : Orologi

The buttons seem that they will last long, although the light button in the middle with the G does wobble a bit if you wiggle it, almost like a baby tooth that just became loose.

This could be by design as it is likely to get the most use. I think it could just as easily be super-glued should it ever fall out. Noticed that it also make a fairly loud buzzing sound while its lighting the screen, which isn’t a big deal, and can only be heard in a very quiet place or while held near the ear. This G-Shock is aesthetically beautiful, and I chose this army green over the black because I know everyone would have the black.

I’m more fond of my Seiko, but I admit I’m partial to the Seiko because it was an unexpected Christmas gift from my dad. Bygones, it’s pointless to compare a titanium analog to a resin digital. I’ve owned this watch for a week now. The watch itself is a great fit; display is perfect; easy to use. The build is solid and looks like it could take a beating.

My only complaint – the finish on the band in a very small location where the buckle contacts the band is showing wear. The matte green finish which I really like is now a dark green. But, once again, the area is very small and not visible when i’m wearing the watch. Otherwise, the band appears quite tough unlike my Timex Ironman band which cracked in several locations. As a comparison, my wife’s Casio Baby G is experiencing the same wear on the band. Otherwise, the watch has held up quite well.

Really love this watch. This is the 5th G-shock I’ve owned and the best yet. The buttons are large and easy to press unlike the previous Mudman I hadand the display is easy to read. The band is very comfortable.