Candy Is Dandy: The Best of Ogden Nash [Ogden Nash] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. A bumper volume of the best poems by a hugely. Maybe even to Ogden Nash. #1 At that time, a gift of candy was considered a good way to touch a woman’s heart and romance her into love. Parker thought that. During his lifetime, Ogden Nash was the most widely known, appreciated, and anther,” and “In the vanities / No one wears panities,” and “Candy / Is dandy.

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Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker. – Ogden Nash – BrainyQuote

Very few people—at least in the past years—have been able to make a living—let alone a comfortable living—purely out of writing poetry. The vast majority of poets have had to support themselves with a—often dreary—day job.

Dady of the very few exceptions to that rule was the American master of light verse, Ogden Nashwhose poems were immensely popular in the English-speaking world from the day he started publishing them and have obden popular till today.

He was that rare poet who had a mass audience and was also critically acclaimed. He invented a style of rhyming that was distinctly his own, and though many have tried to imitate him, none has succeeded.

Ogden Nash

He played around with words, sometimes twisting them to make them rhyme, and sometimes deliberately misspelling them, to great effect. Many of his poems have extremely long lines, followed by either another long one, or by an unexpectedly short one.


In both cases, they rhyme. Which perhaps is just as well because if everybody was a success nobody could be contemptuous of anybody else and everybody would start in all over again trying to be a bigger success than everybody else so they would have somebody to be contemptuous of and so on forevermore.

Nash is a great poet to turn to, for pure relaxation and fun, or to relieve stress. Or for contemplation more about that later. You can flip open Candy Is Dandy: The Best Of Ogden Nash on any page and be instantly entertained.

Your worries will go away, at least for some time. Candy Is Dandy has an introduction by the late British novelist and essayist Anthony Burgess, who has written it in the Nash style: This bringing together of the informal and the formal is what his genius chiefly loves. Depending on her mood ix disposition, the reader could actually turn thoughtful and introspective after reading some simple lines. I have already quoted from The Panther.

These are a few that I love: But Nash was not nasy whimsy and wit. Many of his poems reveal a strong anti-establishment streak. And particularly because they all observe one rule which woe betides the banker who fails to heed it. That if you don’t want to work you have to work to earn enough money so that you won’t have to work. As he grew older, although he did not lose his wit or playfulness at all, a few poems have a sombre air about them.


Nash is still rhyming beautifully and audaciously, but there is a growing awareness of mortality. The poems touch you.

The very title of the book is worthy of some—as I said before—contemplation. The Reward is one of the last poems Nash wrote.

It is also the last poem in Candy Is Dandy. Very few poets have provided so much joy and entertainment to so many people.

He was a poet of the masses, and yet a great artist of the form he had chosen. He chose to be a fanciful humorist, but he made his own rules of rhyme, and we can love him validly in that role alone, or we can look at him as a philosopher who chose a particular mode of expression. And to that, he adds a dollop of cheery optimism, that makes life more palatable.

Laugh with him and see the world through a different lens. Nash’s poems, which caught the fancy of the critics and the masses alike, run the gamut of human emotion.

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