Tatters of the King is published by Chaosium Inc. Call of Cthulhu® is a registered trademark otherwise agreed to, artwork original to Tatters of the King . TATTERS OF THE KING The stars are right Hastur’s gaze gains brief focus upon the I will be using the new Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition rules. Welcome to the Call of Cthulhu Reddit Community! Call of Cthulhu is a tabletop Role Playing Game created by Chaosium that focuses on the.

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Results 1 to 19 of Tatters of the King – Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. London is the capital of an empire covering a quarter of the globe and governing one quarter of the human race. The people busy themselves with concerns of politics and government, finance and production, work and recreation. How th things are. What ignorance there is. Over this winter its taint emerges: Many exhibitions this season feature similar images: New fiction and theatrical releases offer scenes of upheaval and confusion that never reach a climax.

Others feel new lines of communication opening; some claim God is talking to them. All feel the lure of the stars. The game begins in London but the players will see many a haunted and exotic locales on their hunt to stop the King in Yellow. I will require 4 cakl 6 investigators: It is convenient if the investigators live in or near London, but one or more can be foreign-based if they are prepared to travel to Britain to address events there.

I will be using the new Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition rules. Don’t worry you do not need the rules or even know how to play. I will provide and help with rules and character creation.

Choasium has a Quick Starter Rules for free download on their website as well as character sheets. Now, obviously having said that, I have been thoroughly spoiled, but if you trust me, I am interested, and if you don’t, consider this a plug.

Originally Posted by Nerd-o-rama.

I helped with the 7th Edition KS but haven’t gotten a chance to play yet. I’ll try to think of a character tonight. Tatters of the King – Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition I have not played 7e myself, and it does look like more changed than usual from 6e. I’ll have to snag the new rules in some fashion, although for character creation at least it looks like attribute generation just changed to “the same times 5”.


Whee, free quickstart rules. Last edited by Nerd-o-rama; at Despite being very intelligent, he didn’t have the money to get further education. So he joined the military. Not a very good shot or leader, Charles learned that he had a knack for automobiles.

He was assigned to the car pool where he served out his enlistment far away from the front line. With his discharge papers in hand and his small savings, he has moved to London to stay connected with the few friends he made during the war and hopefully find a job to pay the bills.

Originally Posted by Starchaser. I’ve been wanting to get into CoC, so I’d be down if you don’t mind new players? Originally Posted by Yellow Sign. Let me know what kind of character you want to play and I can get you a few Occupations to choose from. Here is some examples.

Archaeologist [Lovecraftian] The study and exploration of the past. Primarily the identification, examination, and analysis of recovered materials relating to human history.

Tatters of the King (Call of Cthulhu)

In the s, successful archaeologists became celebrities, seen as explorers and adventurers. Such bullish behavior would be frowned upon in modern times. Appraise, Archaeology, History, Other Language anyLibrary Use, Spot Hidden, Mechanical Repair, Navigate Photographer Photography as an art form has been around a long time, with most photographers working freelance, for an advertising firm, or in a portrait studio taking pictures of families.

Others are employed in the newspaper, media, and film industries. The elite of photographers are drawn from the worlds of art, journalism, and wildlife conservation.

In each of these arenas a photographer may find fame, recognition, and financial reward. Photojournalists are essentially reporters who use cameras, but who are also expected to write prose to accompany an image. In the s, newsreels came into being; heavy, bulky 35mm film equipment was hauled around the globe in search of exciting news stories, sporting events, and bathing beauty pageants.

A newsreel team usually numbers three: Voiceovers cthulh done at a home studio, based on the written copy. Advertising industry, local clients including political organizations and newspapers. Explorer [Classic] In the early twentieth century there are still unknown areas of the world that some people can make a career of exploring. Scientific grants, private donations, and museum contracts, combined with newspaper, magazine, book, and film rights often generate enough money to support the adventurer and this exciting lifestyle.


Much of darkest Africa is still unexplored, as are great portions of the Matto Grosso in South America, the great Australian desert, the Sahara and Arabian deserts, and much of the Asian interior. Although expeditions have reached both the North and Ttters Poles, much of the surrounding territory is still unknown. Major libraries, universities, museums, wealthy patrons, other explorers, publishers, foreign government officials, local tribes people. Last edited by Yellow Sign; at Quick Fire Method This method is recommended if you wish to get up and running quickly.


Allocate 40, 50, 50, 50, 60, 60, 70, 80 where you like among your characteristics. Apply chhulhu and EDU modifiers 3. Figure Damage Bonus and Build 4.

Decide an occupation and select eight appropriate occupation skills. Allocate the following or among the eight occupation skills and Credit Rating: Roll for backstory details then elaborate upon them later, during play. Fill in half and fifth values during play. Sort out money if and when you need it.

Tatters of the King (Call of Cthulhu) | The Yellow Site | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Deduct 5 points from EDU. Roll twice to generate a Luck score and use the higher value.

Make an improvement check for EDU. To make an EDU improvement check, simply roll percentage dice.

Larger and stronger chtulhu and humans do more physical damage than their lesser brethren. Damage Bonus cthukhu Build, reading across to find the damage bonus. Each range of results correlates with a die modifier or dice roll.

Build is determined using the same figures. Build is used in fighting maneuvers and also to give a sense of scale. Damage bonus is not applied to firearms attacks. CoC is cool as heck, count me in. He was assigned to the motorpool where he served out his enlistment far away from the front line. I will open a OOC thread. Good Deeds Gone Unpunished!

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