Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Dec 1, , A. N. Respati and others published Growth and Production of Brachiaria brizantha cv. B. brizantha intergrades with Brachiaria decumbens and the species may be difficult to distinguish. The main . ‘Xaraés’ (CIAT , MG-5), Costa Rica ( ). Effect of cutting periods on Brachiaria brizantha cv. MG-5 dry mass production and bromatologic-chemical composition []. Costa, K.A. de P. Oliveira, I.P.

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Profile of Media Peternakan. Growth pattern of creeping signalgrass Brachiaria humidicola Rendle Schweick in pasture fertilized with different nutrient sources.

Oficial Methods of Analysis. Effect of gamma radiation on germination and physiological aspect of wheat Triticum Aestivum L. Mutation induced genetic variability in rice Oryza sativa L. Assessment of gamma ray irradiation effects on germination and some morphological characters in two corn cultivars.

Silicon as an attenuator of salt stress in Brachiaria brizantha ‘MG5’

International Journal of Agriculture and Crop Sciences. Effect of defoliation on grass growth. Physiology of crop plants. Growth, forage yield and light interception and use by stands of five Brachiaria species in a tropical environment. Induced mutations by gamma ray irradiation to Agromulyo soybean Glycine max variety. Gamma ray radiation mutant rice on local aged dwarf.

Forage productivity of arbila Phaseolus lunatus at various levels of rhizobium inoculants and harvesting times. Mutagenic sensitivity in early generation in black gram.

Brachiariz of gamma irradiation and cooking on cowpea bean grains Vigna unguiculata L. Effect of gamma cobalt radiation to morphology and agronomic of three maize cultivar Zea mays L.


The effect of gamma irradiation on phenotypic changing inupland rice plants Oryza Sativa L. Biology, agronomy, and improvment. Genetic analysis of a soybean genetic pool using ISSR marker: Effect of gamma irradiation on morpho-agronomic characteristics of soybeans Glycine max L.

Effect of cutting on brizantah and nutritional characteristics of nine commercial cultivars of Brachiaria grass compared with Napier grass during establishment under semi-arid condition in Rwanda. A DNA damage induced cell cycle checkpoint in Arabidopsis. Germination viability of maize M1 seeds Zea mays L. Regrowth and production of several species of grass to organic fertilizer. Effect of mutagenesis on germination, survival and pollen sterility in M1 generation of soybean Glycine max L.

Growth, biomass and nutrient production of Brown Midrib Sorghum mutant lines at different harvest time. Nutrient changes and in vitro digestibility in generative stage brachizria MBMR sorghum mutant lines. Variety Ciherang rice M2 results of gamma radiation on drought brizzntha.

Genetic variability evaluation of sweet sorghum on mutant two after gamma irradiation. The induction mutation effects of 60 Co gamma radiation on physiological growth of tomato. Forage production and nutrient composition of different sorghum varieties cultivated with Indigofera in brizzantha system. Effects of season, species and botanical fraction on oxalate acid in Brachiaria Spp.

Influence of gamma rays irradiation on first generation m1 to obtain new promising drought-tolerance soybean genotype. User Username Password Remember me. About The Authors A. Article Tools Print this article. How to cite item. Email this article Login required. Email the author Login required. Keywords Bracbiaria indica Brachiaria brizantha cv. MG5 FTIR Haemonchus contortus SEM XRD anthelmintic activity carcass characteristics feed gamma radiation goat milk haplotype javanese fat tailed sheep leaf extract nutritive value performance plant growth and production probiotic sheep urea barchiaria.


Growth and Production of Brachiaria brizantha cv. Abstract This study was aimed to determine the effect of dose of gamma radiation of seeds on plant growth and plant production of Brachiaria brizantha cv.

MG5 during 3 different growth phases. The variables measured were plant growth parameters height and bracyiaria of plant, number of leaves and tillers and production dry matter and organic matter productions. Data were analyzed in a 5 x 3 factorial design. The first factor was dose of gamma radiation consisted of 5 levels i.

The second factor was regrowth phase consisted of 3 levels i.

Scientific name

The dose of Gy gamma radiation showed the highest height and length, as well as dry matter and organic matter productions. The dose of Gy gamma radiation showed the highest number of leaves and tillers.

The dose of Gy radiation of seeds and regrowth phase 2 gave the best interaction. In conclusion, the dose of Gy radiation of seeds gave the best growth and production of B. MG5 during regrowth phase 2.

Keywords Gm5 brizantha cv. MG5; gamma radiation; plant growth and production. Genetika 1 Structure and Expression of Genes, Jakarta. Grass and legume for forage feed. Identify the radiation protection principle.