created the B Cockpit Companion in digital format for the Apple iPad. & Bill Bulfer created the B Cockpit Companion in digital format for. Buy Boeing NG Cockpit Companion 53 by Bill Bulfer (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. NG Cockpit Companion [Bill Bulfer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Airplane or pilot instruction.

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While it is a truly accurate representation of the BoeingI quickly realized I had so much to learn to pilot this plane correctly. This helped immensely, but I wanted more. I made the purchase and give it a good look over.

You can drill down into every panel in the cockpit, see detailed descriptions, operations, schematics, diagrams, ATA codes, errors, indications, and condition states. There is even a setting to select carrier specific information such as from Southwest, RyanAir, American, United, and others.

I spent countless hours digging into this tool and still refer back to it often. As of this writing, the digital Cockpit Companion is not available for Android yet. Well, it turns out that all of the actual content for this app came from the renown Bill Bulfer, a major airline Captain turned author.

He took it over from Bruce Sprague in and continues the tradition. While the digital iPad version of the Cockpit Companion contains most of what you will find in the physical copy, the physical book does contain more intricate information.


Boeing Cockpit Companion by Bill Bulfer | eBay

For example, this book is where I learned that the light grey panels on the forward bilfer are what systems are affected by pulling a fire handle. It has that level of comprehensive depth.

For those building a home cockpit, this book is almost mandatory. Every switch, function, light, and condition is described in length. In the flight simulation world, it seems the FMC is probably the bilo misunderstood component in the entire simulator.

It is complex, cryptic, and has a ridiculous amount of configurations. This is where I cockit a TON of new stuff. From accurate fuel predictions in all phases of flight, to holds, to compaanion climbs, to offset paths, this book covers it all. Every page and field you find in the FMC is explained in great detail. Usage steps are laid out with graphical and textual examples. Everything from using conditional waypoints to performance calculations, from forecasting to engine out procedures, this book describes it all.

When appropriate, aeronautical charts and cockpit displays are depicted to demonstrate the various FMC operations. I just wanted to put up a quick post about these two books and their wealth of information.

‎B Cockpit Companion on the App Store

I have tried both of Bill Bulfers email cpmpanion, bbulfer kingwoodcable. Also tried his FAX and get no response from this either. If there is another address or phone number out there for him please let me know. I have emailed him your details to get the ball rolling. I, too, have tried to obtain these books but they are not available on Amazon any longer although they once were.


The Bill Bulfer Books

Where can I lay my hands on them? The link to Leading Edge Publishing is in the article, but the site is http: In particular, as it relates to the B models: You should reach out to Bill at his site. Your email address will not be published. This cocopit uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

It includes extensive details on all of the commpanion sections: Excerpt from Cockpit Companion detailing the bleed air system operation. Excerpt from Cockpit Companion detailing some of the upper DU engine indication operations.

Boeing 737 Ryanair Cockpit Companion – Bill Bulfer

Excerpt from Cockpit Companion detailing the wheel braking system. Excerpt from Cockpit Companion detailing some of the throttle quadrant operations.

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