View and Download Avidyne EX installation manual online. Multi-Function. EX Monitor pdf manual download. Also for: Ex All rights reserved. The latest revision of the EX/EX MFD Installation Manual is made available to authorized Avidyne dealers on. EX Avidyne is committed to designing products that improve situational awareness and safety. And just as important, Avidyne is uniquely focused on.

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When installed in Class III aircraft, if the EX replaces a Radar display, an independent lightning detection and display system complying with Lightning and Datalink Sensor Wiring EX and Tray Dimensions Installing the 2-Way Datalink Antenna List of Figures Figure List of Tables Table 1: Sensor Port Configuration Options Main Connector P2 Pin Assignments The MFD increases pilot situational awareness and enhances flight safety by providing supplementary navigation, traffic, terrain, airspace, weather, and approach chart information.

The conditions and tests required for TSO approval of this article are minimum performance Note: Table 3 lists sensor options and their associated port configurations. This data may be used when executing Maintenance Mode sensor setup utilities. If you use different pin assignments, be sure to document the changes.

RS 1 RS 4: With one of the following antennas: Locate the labels on the bottom of the MFD. Verify that the MFD includes the ordered feature option set marked on the label. Additionally, an FAA-approved Flight Manual Supplement is manuaal and must be carried aboard the aircraft during all flights. Use the unit and installation kit materials weight as follows: With both 2-Way Datalink and Broadcast Datalink systems installed, the MFD can provide Avidyne’s unique MultiLink features, which include text messaging, flight tracking, and enhanced weather coverage.

For more information, see Section 5. Configure the MFD as shown in Figure 5. Power up the MFD for post installation evaluation and configuration. The Configuration Save and Restore Utility is not avidynd when doing avudyne software upgrades. When you select a Setup feature, the appropriate page displays. From the Setup page, the following options will always be available: Changes in the setup pages do not take effect until the MFD has been restarted.

If no changes were made, press Back to Map to exit Maintenance Mode. Dual GPS Setup 3.



When you are done, press Save. Press Cancel to exit without saving changes. Changes do not take effect until the MFD has been restarted. The selection page is displayed: Choose the sensor to be connected to the MFD. The Setup Page manuql displayed. Sensor — Select between the lightning sensor and a simulation program WX only.

The WX simulation setting is used in conjunction with the demo avisyne on the sensor to simulate operations on the ground.

If no test set is available, conduct operations in an area that supports TIS data and verify that data is received and traffic is displayed. Full up Centered Full down Beam Width — Typical beam widths are Beam Height — See the configuration module user data for detailed setup instructions.

If more than one radar indicator is installed in the system, all but one indicator must be in the OFF or STBY position in order for the system to enter the calibration mode.

Proceed to step Manuaal.

Proceed to step N. Set the tilt table for 10 roll right. The fault fields will flash indicating that your settings are being saved. If the save procedure is successful, the GYRO fault will disappear and the azimuth count will cycle through its entire number range. After saving the configuration, this section is complete.

Set the options that appear on the Aircraft Setup Page. These options will vary depending on the aircraft model and optional features selected. Aircraft Setup options are described in the following sections: In the Page dropdown, select Datalink Info. Wait 30 seconds and re-apply the power. Broadcast Datalink Messages Message Meaning Set the following option: Operating the MFD should not result in Nav flags, constant location lightning strikes from the lightning sensor, noise on COMM channels, or other phenomena.

Avidyne EX500 Installation Manual

If the antenna is not properly installed or if there is excessive electromagnetic interference such as a nearby radio transmitter, ground power cart, mxnual inadequately grounded avionicsthe system will not achieve successful reception. Bring the aircraft to an area that has as few obstacles to line-of-sight viewing to the southern horizon as possible. Press E5x00 until Broadcast down-pointing arrow Status is selected. EX until it pops out. Make sure the cap is all the way out before plugging anything into the USB port.


Securely pack the unit in the original Avidyne shipping carton, write the RMA number on the outside of the carton, and return it to the address provided by the Avidyne Customer Service Representative. This circular sets forth recommended radiation safety mamual to be taken by personnel when operating airborne weather radar on the ground. Lightning and Datalink Sensor Wiring – 97 Avidyne warrants the Manuql manufactured by it against defects in material and workmanship for a period of twenty-four 24 months from delivery.

If Avidyne’s Product fails to avidune to this warranty, Avidyne, in its sole discretion, will either repair or replace the Product or provide a refund of the purchase price paid for the Product. You may not copy the Software for any purpose. You may not transfer the Software or any rights under this Agreement to another party without this Agreement. The other party must agree to accept the terms of this Agreement.

If you do not agree to the terms of this license, Avidyne is unwilling to license the product to you.

In such event, you may not use or copy the product, and you should promptly contact Avidyne for instructions on return of the unused product s for a refund. Page of Go. Main Connector P2 Pin Assignm Page 18 – Table 5: Page 19 – Table 6: Page 20 – Figure 1: Main Connector Sample Port Ass Heading Configuration with GPS Page 94 – Appendix B: Page 97 – Figure EX and Helicopter Tray Dim Page 98 – Figure Page 99 – Figure Page – Figure EX Helicopter Tray Support EX Tray Support Structure Page – Appendix E: Page – Appendix F: Lightning and Datalink Senso Page – Appendix I: Traffic Sensor Wiring Page – Figure Radar Wiring Ez500 – Figure Release manuap and Later.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Chapters Table Of Contents Page 3EX All materials copyrighted including images that represent this software Copyright Avidyne Corporation. Table Of Contents 4.

Page 7 Appendix C: Page 8 Figure