Endodoncja: morfologia, diagnostyka, leczenie. Front Cover. Bolesława Arabska- Przedpełska, Halina Pawlicka. Med Tour Press International Wydawnictwo. Wstęp. Mimo ciągłego postępu w dziedzinie endodoncji i coraz bardziej Arabska-Przedpełska B., Pawlicka H.: Współczesna endodoncja w praktyce. Sól sodowa kwasu podchlorawego. W r-rze wodnym dysocjuje do kwasu. podchlorawego HOCl i jonów podchlorynu OCl-. Stosunek jonów.

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Despite continuous progress in the field of endodontics and evermore advanced methods for treating root canals, failure with the first endodontic treatment still appears to be a real problem. The aim of the study was to compare some of the available materials and agents used for retreatment endodontics and, in particular, rotary root canal instruments as well as solvents for gutta percha and endodondja.


Analysis was carried out of the available literature in order to compare the effectiveness of selected instruments and materials for endodontic retreatment.

According to the literature, none of the instruments neither hand instruments nor those for wndodoncja totally remove the root filling.


According to some authorsremoval of filling from the root canals with machine instruments is faster, but, however, there exists the risk of producing a greater amount of heat than in the case of hand instruments. It is worth mentioning, that rotary systems may lead to microdamage to dentine. In the publication there appeared the views that xrabska is better to remove the root filling using the same rotary instruments rather than admitting solvents to the procedure. Heat release, time required, and cleaning ability of Mtwo R and ProTaper Universal Retreatment systems in the removal of filling material.

Marques da Silva B. Effectiveness of ProTaper, D-RaCe, and Mtwo retreatment files with and without supplementary instruments in the removal of root canal filling material.

Endodoncja: morfologia, diagnostyka, leczenie – Google Books

A comparative evaluation of gutta percha removal and extrusion of apical debris by rotary and hand files. Effects of various retreatment instrumentation systems in removing root canal fillings from the root canals. Li-li Xu i wsp.: Residual filling aravska in dentinal tubules after gutta-percha removal observed with scanning electron microskopy.

The effects of Mtwo, R-Endo, and D-RaCe retreatment instruments on the incidence of dentinal defects during the removal of root canal filling material. A comparative assessment of fracture resistance of endodontically treated and re-treated teeth: Efficacy of D-RaCe and ProTaper universal retreatment NiTi instruments and hand files in removing gutta-percha from curved root endodoncua — a micro-computed tomography study.


Efficacy of different solvents in removing gutta-percha from arabskaa root canals: Endodontic Journal,40, Solvency capacity of gutta-percha and Resilon using chloroform, eucalyptol, orange oil or xylene.

Efficacy, cleaning ability and safety of different rotary NiTi instruments in root canal retreatment. Biocompatibility of gutta-percha solvents using in vitro mammalian test-system.

Środki do płukania kanałów korzeniowych by Iga Gruca on Prezi

Dissolving efficacy of eucalyptus and orange oil, xylol, chloroform solvents on different root canal sealers. Efficacy of grapefruit, tangerine, lime, and lemon oils as solvents for softening gutta-percha in root canal retreatment procedures. Cleanliness of dentinal tubules following gutta-percha removal with and arabskz solvents: The bond strength of endodontic sealers to root dentine expose to different gutta-percha solvents.