I wish I can suggest you an answer to that. Unfortunately, I do not have the slightest clue. Howvwer, if you are checking for free resources and mocks, do drop by. From where you took TIME AIMCAT papers in a pdf format? I can help you for AIMCAT papers if you tell how to download them in pdf. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video.

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Zubin Paoers 1 year ago. Akshay Kadam Expert 1 year ago. Your browser does not support iframes. Is that enough for final CAT and please help me Susheel Jay Last Seen: Zubin Mehta Last Seen: First thing that I look out for when I analyse any pspers my students mock is to check if he has given time to each and every question in the paper.

This you can make out with the ppaers allotted to each question. Next thing I will check in the paper is have I wasted disproportionate amount of time on any question. If you have then find the reason why have you done so and how could you avoid it the next time. Third step is to go through all the questions that a person has got wrong.

AIMCATs (Test Series)

Try to solve it without looking at the solution. Once you have tried, look at the solution. Try to find a better solution to the question. Next step and an important step is to go through all the questions you have got correct and figure out if there is a better way of solving as compared to the way you have solved. Also look at the solution and see if they are aimcar a better method to solve.


I hope all above methods help you out. Akshay Kadam Last Seen: In the correct questions check whether you got the answer through right approach or not. If it is not a right approach then there’s no surity of getting right answer next time so you need to check this out.

Also there might be an alternative way to do the same question which might take lesser time so you need to go through this also as it will save your time as you know this paper is a game of speed with accuracy. Make sure you note down all those things on a note paperx. Now in the wrong answers check the solution and compare with your approach.

There might be completely wrong approach or might be some silly mistake or half question done. Again note down these things. Now the questions which you have not attempted could be because of two reasons either you are not sure about answer or you didn’t had any clue how to start solving it. So for this again compare how did you thought about the question when you tried to attempt it and how you should have approached it.

Again note down all the points. So this is one way of analysing the mock paper. One more thing you need to do is sorting the questions according to your strength and weakness. By seeing the solutions you can come up with many strategies one of it is sorting out the questions in 3 parts easy, medium and difficult.

For this you must need to know your strength and weakness in each part of the paper. So sort them as easy questions.


You need to do this sorting after analysing atleast 5 mock papers. Now the strategy should be to attempt all the easy questions of each part first which will help you in gaining marks, give you a confidence as you will be able to do a few questions in no time and you will also avoid silly mistakes in the questions which are mandatory to be correct.

Now in second round attempt medium type questions in which you require a little more time.

Pappers you have already attempted the easy part so you will have enough time to attempt these with a better accuracy. And at least if time permits you can go f or difficult questions or skip them, generally these are very less in numbers provided you have done a very good preparation and has a good command on basics.

Akshay Kadam 1 year ago. All the best for your attempts and try to attempt as many mock test as possible with analysis.

Analysing will only help you in improving your marks and percentile. There are many online mock paper like hitbull are available you can go through it. If you have any problem or any dount you can comment below. I took TIME test series.

I aimvat rank in entarmy institute of law exam. Belongs to army cat. Please help me to predict the colleges which I could get through cat. I want to taking more mock test.