ders yılı üniversitelerarası giriş sınavı sıralaması ve bazı istatistik sonuçlar / Şenol Utku, Muzaffer İpek, LB. Sonay Bayramoğlu ve M. Yılmaz () “Yabancılara Toprak Satışı: Tarihsel Eğilimler”, Memleket Siyaset Yönetim Dergisi. Results – of Elektronik ve Haberleşme Mühendisliği Bölümü, İstanbul Teknik .. Cercis Özgür Solmaz ; Özgür Oruç ; Ahmet Hamdi Kayran.

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Items in DSpace are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. Please use this identifier to cite or link to this item: Show full item record. Comparision of frequency domain filters in optical image fusion. In parallel with the ever-evolving satellite technologies, ahmft improvements are observed in applications in the qhmet of remote sensing.

However, there are differences between the spatial and spectral resolutions of optical sensors due to restrictions caused by physical conditions. It is not possible to obtain the best results in a single perceived image.

Panchromatic images have high spatial resolutions, while multiband multispectral images have high spectral resolution. To solve this problem and haberlwme obtain high spatial and spectral resolution color images, image-combining methods are gaining importance. Consolidated images produce much more reliable and interpretable results and images with detailed data can be obtained for observation areas. In this study, image fusion methods had been investigated under the headings of modulation-based, component-based, multi-resolution-based, which are generally accepted by academic groups.

In multi-resolution analysis, frequency domain filtering methods have been studied extensively and then finaly the results are intepreted according to the relation between them.

The obtained results are examined in the light of the accepted quality evaluation metrics in the literature and the results are interpreted according to the ideal values.

The interpretation of the results is intended to develop an alternative model which can be used in researches and studies on the integration of SPOT 5 satellite images.


As the optical earth’s orbits rotate in their polar orbits, the orbit around the earth, the angles of turning right and left, the camera and optics on them, and so on. Depending on the constraints of the equipment, a strip of about km travels and does not turn.

The satellite image data transmitted from the radio frequency terminal is first subjected to radiometric correction, followed by geometric correction. Coordinate correction and satellite image data fitted to the appropriate coordinate plane are transformed into workable formata on many commercial satellite image processing software and archived.

The development of analytical and digital image fusion techniques has gained momentum as the use of remote sensing data for many disciplines in the light of developing technology has increased. Within this scope, a variety of researches and studies have been carried out on the development of models that produce results.

İTÜ Yayınları – İTÜ Kütüphane

Multiband image with high spatial and spectral resolution can be obtained by combining single band panchromatic images with multispectral multispectral images. A very different model was introduced from to be used during this assembly process, and detailed studies were carried out in this context.

The spatial and spectral values of the resulting images are interpreted as having the most inclusive values and different metric values are used for this. In this study, comparative analyzes of Ahmrt domain based models were made and the results were interpreted according to different metric values.

The results obtained in this context are interpreted and it is aimed to develop an alternative model to be used in researches and studies related to the merging of SPOT 5 satellite images.

The karyan of image fusion can be briefly summarized as follows: Because the MS and PAN image detection for the SPOT satellites is performed in the kxyran time zone, the first step is not implemented since there is no time delay between the images.


Unlike previous studies, the image combining methods described in this study were evaluated according to the six-faceted image evaluation method, focusing on how the output will hzberleme affected if some decision steps included in the intermediate steps of the image combining technique are not based on a single option but on different options.

The obtained results are compared according to these rules and detailed in tables. When the obtained results are examined, it is observed that the performance coefficient does not develop in direct proportion with the resolution level.

İTÜ Yayınları – İTÜ Kütüphane – PDF Free Download

It has evolved from Brovey’s method to wavelet transform and multiresolution methods. In parallel with the developments in satellite sayzal, it is expected that existing methods will be inadequate. New methods for developing additional features through hbyrid models are ssaysal underway. The most important problem encountered within the scope of the study is the large number of possibilities arising from the fact that there are too many options to be decided in the intermediate steps of the methods.

More detailed analysis on this field in this data stream can be made much faster with modern methods such as parallel programming and large data analysis on sophisticated computer clusters and servers. This thesis is based on the theoretical results and the new methods that will be modeled by going out from the theoretical results will be a pioneer of applications that can play an active role in many areas of our life….