Function to replace FollowHyperlink() in VBA. Handles security warnings, special characters in file name, return value. Did you try opening the page using Shell Function? en-us/vba/language-reference-vba/articles/shell-function. Hyperlink Method (Access). The FollowHyperlink method opens the document or Web page specified by a hyperlink address.

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hyperlink And Pdfs – UtterAccess Forums

The below example opens a browser and go to website. As the Sub procedure runs, browser will open.

The below example downloads and opens the file in cache. If you encounter web addresses that are opened in Folliwhyperlink browser instead of IE, you can explicitly tell Excel to open in specific browser such as open in Firefox, just find the path of the exe of the browser.


Microsoft Access tips: Opening hyperlinks

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He is also a: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Social connect: Login Login with facebook. Login Login with twitter. The location within the target document.

The default value is the empty string. True to display the target application in a new window. The default value is False.

A String or byte array that specifies additional information for HTTP to use to resolve the hyperlink. For example, you can use ExtraInfo to specify the coordinates of an image map, the contents of a form, or a FAT file name.


The defaut value is an empty string.